Wednesday, 23 March 2011

bieber premiere.

Dad got 4 free tickets off sky to the Justin bieber never say never premiere at the O2 arena, was so excited the worst thing about it was it took around an hour and half to get there, went through Stratford & westham to get to Greenwich.

Okay so we arrived 7 hours early because typical mum, thinking she knows everything, thought there was going to be huge queues, well she was we were in london all day waiting for something to happen, they were setting things up, getting ready for the bieber..

we found this background on the wall that people were using to take pictures, so my old fogey mum decided to be an embarrassment  and join in.

my cheesy sister..

and me.

sat their eating chocolate waiting for time to zoom past we spotted Mario and Lisa off of big brother and got a photo with them.

after being there all day i was relieved to actually get somewhere..

Justin bieber getting interviewed on the sky box inside the O2.

walking the purple carpet, i was shaking with excitement, he was just round the corner from us..

About to walk in to the cinema room to sit down and watch the film, sky asked me if they could interview me, bloody embarrassment with everyone watching, glad i did it though..

Justin Bieber never say never was brilliant, it was in 3D and i felt like i needed to move out the way because he was popped out of the screen, my mum & dad now have Bieber fever after watching it, i would recommend you go see it!

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  1. Wow love that Sky pic - it really shows him for what he is - just a little boy.
    Love the new blog - visiting from Mama ;)